Thousands Gather for Macon Thriller Dance

12:53 PM, Oct 27, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Tom George Learns MJ Steps

Video: Macon Thriller Dance Rehearsal Video

Community members practice their moves for the annual Thriller Zombie Parade.

Every year at this time, Michael Jackson's classic hit song, 'Thriller,' echoes off the historic buildings in downtown Macon, drawing the dancing dead from their graves for a choreographed good time. 

Thousands gathered Friday night to see zombies re-enacting the King of Pop's hit.  Hundreds of zombies practiced for the event, both at dance studios and at Tattnall Square Park in Macon.

The event was started by The 11th Hour, an independent community paper based in Macon. Over the years, they've had a couple of different dance instructors teach the willing undead masses their moves. But for the last few, it's been up to Pilar Wilder, owner of Hayiya Dance Theatre, to whip the volunteers into shape.

In a short time, the Thriller Zombie Parade has become an annual Halloween highlight for the community. Both for the dancing zombies and the thousands of folks who show up to watch.

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