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You Asked: "How Can I Get On the Newscast?"

5:46 PM, Apr 8, 2013

It's a question we get all the time. "How do I get on the newscast?" We get calls and emails asking that everyday, and 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet answers that in this week's Get Answers.

Don't Get Tricked by Fake Sweepstakes

6:29 PM, Apr 1, 2013

Since it's April fools day we thought we'd give you some tips to outsmart those tricks.
13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet shows you how in this week's "Get Answers".

You Asked: "What's going on, on Feagin Mill Road?"

6:03 PM, Mar 25, 2013

Houston County begins second phase of their Feagin  Mill Road widening project.

You Asked: Where Is Funding for Pet Spay and Neuter?

6:51 AM, Feb 26, 2013

To find out what options are out there for you and your pet call Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital in Perry at 478-987-4811

You Asked, Can you hunt on Lake Sinclair?

5:01 PM, Jan 21, 2013

It's duck season and avid hunters may be on the look-out for prime spots for water fowl.
In this week's Get Answers 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet breaks down the hunting rules on Lake Sinclair.

Get Answers: Which Court Cases Are Open to the Public

11:11 PM, Nov 26, 2012


This week a viewer asked, "What court cases can the general public sit in on?"

To answer that question 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet spoke to one of the newest members of the Bibb County District Attorney's office, their new Assistant District Attorney, Jonathan Gordon.

Get Answers: How FFN picks the teams they cover

5:26 PM, Nov 12, 2012

Our Football Friday Night staff covers several games each friday night, but some of you have asked how we choose where we go.

In this week's Get Answers 13WMAZ's Frank Malloy sat down with Jennifer Moulliet to discuss how they plan their coverage.

Get Answers: Order of Candidates on the Ballot

11:22 PM, Oct 29, 2012

There's still time to vote during early voting and a lot of you have been.
In this week's Get Answers, 13WMAZ's  Jennifer Moulliet answers a question many of you are asking about the order of the names on the ballot.

Get Answers: You asked, is it a median?

9:42 PM, Oct 22, 2012

According to Georgia law, when a median separates the north and southbound lane, you don't have to stop on the opposite side of the bus,  but is this stretch considered a median?

Get Answers: Are Self-Written Last Wills Legal in Georgia?

4:17 PM, Aug 21, 2012

Different states have different laws and regulations when it comes to preparing a will, but is it legal in Georgia to draft your own?
13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet finds out in this week's Get Answers.

Get Answers: Who to Call when Animal Control Doesn't Answer

6:05 PM, Aug 13, 2012

If you have a wild animal in your garage and you call Animal Control, and get a recording, who should you call next?
That happened to one of our viewers, so 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet set out to find the answer in this week's Get Answers.

Get Answers: Used Car Warranties

6:12 PM, Jul 23, 2012


If you plan to buy a used car and you're not sure what, if any warranties come with it.

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet has your answer, as she breaks down used car warranties in this week's Get Answers.


Get Answers: Warner Robins La Quinta Inn Update

6:02 PM, Jul 16, 2012

 A Warner Robins hotel still sits vacant and gutted more than seven months after a Thanksgiving Day fire, and several viewers asked us how long will it stay that way. 

Get Answers: What's a Hook Echo in Meteorology Terms?

5:51 PM, Jul 9, 2012

When severe weather strikes and a meteorologist explains what the radar maps are telling us things sometimes get technical with all the science terms flying at you.

So WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet sat down with our Meteorologist John Boyer to find out what a Hook Echo looks like on the radar.

Get Answers: State Yellow Light Regulations

6:09 PM, Jun 11, 2012


You can count on traffic lights to routinely turn green, yellow and then red. But who regulates how long the light actually stays yellow before changing to red?

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet found out in this week's Get Answers.

GET ANSWERS: Is the Email From Your Bank a Scam?

12:28 PM, May 7, 2012

Ever get a call or email that claims it's from your bank, look out it could be a scam. In this week's Get Answers, 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet investigates how to tell the difference between a fake.

GET ANSWERS: Macon Park Getaways

3:44 PM, Apr 16, 2012

Spring Weather is in full swing and you may be looking for a place close to home to take the family for a one day get away. In this week's Get Answers we show you two places that may interest you.

Get Answers: The Process of Street Light Installation

1:50 PM, Apr 9, 2012

Some of you might feel like it's too dark when you exit the interstate.  In this week's Get Answers 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet explains what held up the county from turning on the lights on Ocmulgee East Boulevard in Bibb County.

Get Answers: Laurens County Sanitation Fee Breakdown

4:25 PM, Mar 26, 2012

With government budget cuts, some Central Georgia residents are having to make up the difference when it comes to sanitation. This week we answered Sandra Justice's question.
"Laurens County property owners were charged a new fee this year called a 'sanitation fee'. To my knowledge this fee is paid by the property owners only. If this is the case what about those people who rent? Is the property owner responsible for their sanitation fee also or does the renter pay his own sanitation fee?"

Get Answers: Where Can Parents of Addicts Go for Help?

4:18 PM, Mar 19, 2012

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 20 million people suffer from addiction and less than ten percent actually seek treatment.

GET ANSWERS: How to Stop a Telemarketer From Calling

6:40 PM, Feb 27, 2012

Leah Smith says she signed up for the "Do Not Call Registry" but says she's still getting calls. She asked us, 'How do you stop a telemarketer from calling?'

Get Answers: Recycling Your Christmas Tree

6:15 PM, Jan 2, 2012

Lauren wrote to 13WMAZ asking, "We had a real tree this year. Where is the tree recycling location in Warner Robins and when does it start?"

GET ANSWERS: Help for the Homeless in Perry

11:53 PM, Dec 5, 2011

Perry Volunteer Outreach helps people in need.

GET ANSWERS: Checking for Online Job Scams

8:02 PM, Nov 21, 2011

A viewer wrote to us asking, "How can you tell when online jobs are a scam?"

GET ANSWERS: Researching a Company Before Hiring

6:33 PM, Nov 7, 2011

A viewer wrote to us asking how to research a company before hiring them.

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