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6:45 PM, Sep 27, 2010   |    comments
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When you drive around Bibb County and come across big events or large gatherings, you may notice sheriff's deputies helping to direct the traffic around you, but if it's part time work are they still operating on county funds?

Thomas wrote to us and asked to ask when Bibb County sheriff's deputies hold part-time jobs, are they on duty or just using county cars and fuel to make extra money?

Bibb County Sheriff Jerry Modena says they can use their cars and equipment, and that it could help more than just the business or group they work.

"It also aids us in being able to put a fleet of extra deputies on the street real quick," said Modena.

A statement from the sheriff's department says "This is allowed for the same reason deputies are allowed to drive their vehicles home; more marked sheriff's office vehicles moving and being seen throughout the city and unincorporated areas provide visual crime deterrence and improve the response time to emergency calls for assistance."

"You put more cars into the street, people are not gonna know whether they're off duty or on duty," said Modena.

All off duty jobs have to be approved by the deputy's division supervisor, the chief deputy and the sheriff.

Modena says when deputies get into their county issued cars they have to log-in and become subject to call from that moment.

If they see a crime in progress, they're required to respond and automatically become on duty.

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