GET ANSWERS: The Lottery and Welfare

6:31 PM, Jul 12, 2010   |    comments
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You could win or lose when you scratch off a ticket, or pick your lucky numbers in the Georgia lottery, but does everyone have a chance to play?

Willie contacted us to find out if you can win the lottery if you're on welfare or receiving government aid.

You might call J.C. Wilson a pro when it comes to playing the lottery. He plays just about everything and says he's won more than $25,000 dollars.

Still, even the most frequent players like Wilson can't win every time.

"I have in the past but recently, I haven't been able to do it," said Wilson.

He says he plays for the fun of the game, often when he stops to fill up his car. He says knowing his money goes to education doesn't hurt either.

"It's kind of exciting especially if you win," he said.

"Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can play Georgia Lottery games except for Georgia Lottery employees, board members and family members residing in the same household; vendors, subcontractors, employees and family members residing in the same household," said Tandi Reddick with the Georgia Lottery Corporation.  She says vendors and subcontractors means companies that sell the tickets.

She says receiving government assistance like welfare doesn't exclude you from winning big on the state's drawings or a scratch offs.

Reddick says store owners that sell lottery tickets and their employees can win as well.


As for Wilson, he says people who get help from the government could need the prize the most.

He considers himself a lucky lottery player even though his recent tickets haven't earned him a big payout; he's still in the game.

"I haven't won but I have had four right in the Fantasy 5. I haven't had all 5 of them, but I figure one day I will though," he said.

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