Get Answers: Warner Robins La Quinta Inn Update

6:02 PM, Jul 16, 2012   |    comments
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A Warner Robins hotel still sits vacant and gutted more than seven months after a Thanksgiving Day fire, and several viewers asked us how long will it stay that way.

It turns out that the city of Warner Robins is wondering, too. So Jennifer Moulliet went looking for an update on the future of the La Quinta Inn, in this week's Get Answers.

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"It really is an eyesore," says City Attorney, Jim Elliott. He says it's been a long process, but it's time to move forward.

"Code enforcement has had no response to letters they have sent to various parties of interest there's both the owner of the property a couple of mortgage holders or security deed holders of interest and they have not had any success in getting a response from their demands for something to get done," explains Elliott.

Now he says they're going to court to file a motion in hopes that the building owners will come forward.

"That involves title examination, you have to have an appraisal on the value of the structure you have to have an inspection by a qualified building inspector several things have to be accomplished and there in the midst of doing that right now," explains Elliott.

If the owners still don't come forward, the city will ask the court to declare a demolition order, because Elliott believes the building is beyond repair.

If the court orders the building to be demolished, the owners will have around thirty days to demolish their building.

"You're basically having someone tear down one of their assets so you know there are protections in place for the court to be sure that parties have been properly notified and given an adequate opportunity to take appropriate action," says Elliott.

But Elliott says if the owners don't take action, the city will demolish the building. He anticipates the court hearing by the end of August and says their goal is to have the building torn down before the fire's anniversary this Thanksgiving.

According to state records, the hotel is owned by a company headed by Shanta and Haribhai Patel. We could not reach them for comment.

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