GET ANSWERS: Downtown Parking Rules

5:55 PM, Oct 17, 2011   |    comments
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Finding downtown parking can get a little tricky, especially if you notice the hot spots jammed up all day with the same cars.

Patsy Peacock wrote to 13WMAZ asking, "I work in downtown Macon and pay a monthly parking fee. There are signs posted that clearly say downtown employees who park on the street will be fined $50, but they do it anyway. Businesses who depend on these parking spaces for their customers are out of luck. Why is this not being enforced?"

Snatching a downtown spot isn't easy.

But during business hours in Macon, by law you shouldn't be competing with downtown employees.

But some workers at Dolce Vita on Cherry Street say employees are mixed into the storefront parking.

"I think everybody downtown that works down here uses the two hour spots," says waiter Dustin Selin.

Selin says he's one of them. He's never gotten a ticket, but says he has seen the slips on other cars.

Some of his co-workers say they park around the block in a garage, the same place customers often turn.

"Nobody wants to have to tell the customers that they have to park in the parking garage and walk, you know, three blocks over to the restaurant," says Dolce Vita employee, Shea Sharp.

But with only a few front spaces, which are usually full, Sharp says there's really no where else to go.

"We have parking enforcement officers that go throughout the downtown area. They have machines that they actually mark the tags, they put the tag numbers in the machine. And as that machine goes up it counts the two hour parking wants it's entered into the machine," says Austin Riley.

Riley is a Traffic Fatality Investigator with the Macon Police Department, he says they do enforce downtown parking rules.

He says there's no way to tell which cars belong to downtown employees, but he says they will ticket if they notice a vehicle breaking the two hour limit.

So with reminders posted around town, employees are urged to keep spaces open for their customers and if they're caught in violation, they could face a fine.

Riley says since they initiated the two hour parking limit nine years ago, violations have decreased.

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