GET ANSWERS: Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks

6:05 PM, Jun 13, 2011   |    comments
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Today's Get Answers question: What are the best ways to combat fleas and ticks on your pets?

One Warner Robins woman blames the dry weather for the abundance of fleas on her animals.

Pet owner Michelle Williams says she's tried just about everything to get rid of the pests on her dogs.

"I've tried all the things at the stores to wash them in and treat the yard in and bathe them in, and you can only treat them so much with that kind of stuff before it's dangerous for them," she says.

Dr. Jeff Brantley, a veterinarian, says the trick to killing the bugs is time, and a three-step process.

"If you just treat the animal, which a lot of people like to do, a lot of times they're going to still have a problem. So you've got to treat the environment -- the yard and the house included, as well as the animal, and it'll work a lot better," says Dr. Brantley.

He suggests talking to your vet to see which product works best for your pet.

His number one recommendation to zap fleas on dogs is a product called Comfortis.

Dr. Brantley says each flea case is different and could take a few months to clear up entirely.

For Williams, it's a clean-up job she says she'll continue to take outdoors.

"I can walk out in my yard and not get bit by fleas. They just, like, get on the dogs, and then the dogs bring them in on them. So I'm continuously treating the inside of my house also," she says.

Dr. Brantley mentioned several of his patients feeding their dogs small amounts of garlic to get rid of fleas.

But he says, there's no proof of home remedies actually killing the pests.

And too much garlic, he says, could harm your pet.

Dr. Brantley suggests talking to your vet before giving your animal any flea or tick treatments.

He says, if you giving the treatment for the first time, to keep a careful eye on your pet and watch for any changes.

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