GET ANSWERS: What's Being Done About Illegal Left Turns at the Post Office?

6:44 PM, Jan 17, 2011   |    comments
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If you frequent the post office on the corner of College and Washington streets, you may notice people making illegal turns to get into the parking lot.

"I don't want to see a major accident happen right here. I mean, it's a very busy thoroughfare in the afternoons," says Gwen Ward, who lives across the street.

Ward says she's seen many traffic jams and almost-accidents outside the post office.

"You're just thinkin', 'I'm gonna get hit,' you know. There's nothin' to do," says Ward.

She's lived across the street from the post office for two years and says people are turning illegally into the parking lot.

"They make that left hand turn, try to do a three-point turn, they'll back up in the middle of the road," she says.

She says the "no left turn" sign has been standing for nearly two years, and about a year ago, seven posts were put in blocking turns from the left side of the street.

But she says that's not even stopping some drivers.

"It's scary, I mean, you don't know which way to go, there's really nowhere for you to go because there's usually traffic on either side of you," says Ward.

Austin Riley is the Traffic and Fatality Investigator with the Macon Police Department, and he says those left turns are dangerous especially because the lane leading into the parking lot is constructed for cars coming on the right hand side.

He also says there isn't enough room to make a U-turn, so people are backing up and pulling in with traffic continuing.

"You're kind of stuck, there's either the post or the traffic in the other lane," says Ward.

Officer Riley says they're continuing to cite people for making the illegal turn, but he couldn't comment on what the fine would be.

Macon Police say drivers should drive up College Street and turn around to pull into the lot the right way.

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