Lawyer: Scott's 11-Year-Old Son Wants to Intervene in Court Hearing

8:35 AM, Oct 26, 2010   |    comments
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The attorney for a local Democrat seeking to unseal 8th congressional district candidate Austin Scott's divorce records says a request was filed Monday on behalf of the Republican candidate's 11-year-old son to delay the hearing and appear as a defendant in the case.

A Tift County judge is scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday to unseal the documents. A judge is to consider Tuesday morning whether to grant the 11-year-old's requests.

Macon attorney Carmel Sanders filed the motion to make the records public on behalf of her client Amy Morton.

Morton, a Democratic activist, says she isn't looking for any specific information in the files but says the public has a right to know what's in them.

Scott, who was in Warner Robins this morning for a campaign event, said the attempt to unseal the records was "dirty politics by the Marshall campaign." When asked if he could confirm that his son is now involved, he declined comment.

Sanders says what sticks out the most to her--other than the fact that the records were sealed in the first place--is that they were sealed three years after his 2001 divorce.

"There was a telephone conference with the judge, and the judge sealed the file," says Sanders. "You can't seal any record without a hearing."

Sanders says her office received a motion from 11-year-old Wells Scott today, asking to take part in the records hearing.

"Either the former Mrs. Scott or Mr. Scott have hired a lawyer on behalf of their son to intervene in this action," Sanders says.

"It's been Mr. Scott's contention that the reason he didn't want the files opened -- the reason they wanted them sealed was to protect the son," she says.

In a debate two weeks ago, Scott said his opponent Democratic incumbent Jim Marshall was behind the request to unseal the records.

Marshall said he was not, but added that they should be made public. Monday, Marshall's campaign said he doesn't have anything to add to that statement.

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