Macon Police: Woman Possibly Given Date Rape Drug

9:50 AM, Oct 16, 2010   |    comments
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A Macon woman found lying on Pio Nono Avenue may have been given a date rape drug after visiting Whiskey River Thursday night, according to a Macon police report. 

Police say the woman was "collapsing with no control over her body and was unable to acknowledge that people were present."

An officer pulled into Flash Foods, located at 4314 Pio Nono Avenue, just before midnight Thursday, the report said.  The officer overheard people talking about a woman "down in the roadway" and then found a woman lying on the side of the road. 

Three officers carried the woman to the Flash Foods parking lot.  As officers tried to ask the woman questions, she "constantly was going limp and collapsing onto the ground," said the report.

The woman then kicked and screamed when an ambulance crew placed her on a stretcher, police say.  She was handcuffed to the stretcher to prevent her from hitting anyone. 

The woman's cousins told police she went with them to Whiskey River, 4570 Pio Nono Avenue,Thursday night, the report said.  They also told police that she had possibly taken a drink from someone.  

Pierre D. Watkins,25, told police he knew the woman but not the people she arrived with, the report said.  Watkins says he came out of the club with the woman, she was disorderly, and then she left.  During the police interview, officers said Watkins "seemed to be very nervous and had a hard time answering questions."

Police listed Watkins as a suspect.

Police say based on the woman's behavior, it appeared she was under the influence of GHB, a date-rape drug.

G.H.B. stands for Gamma Hydroxybutyric acid, according to 

The woman was later reported to be in stable condition at the Medical Center.




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