80-Year-Old Dooly Co. School Bus Driver

6:43 PM, Aug 12, 2010   |    comments
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  • Clint Shugart

DOOLY COUNTY, Ga. -- Clint Shugart has been driving Dooly County students to and from school each school day since 1948. The Unadilla councilman and former mayor says he wouldn't get behind the wheel if he didn't love the job.

"You can tell in a week or two weeks who is going to be the bad ones you can tell who is going to be the good ones and you can tell who is going to be late," Shugart said.

Shugart ran his first route in 1948 and says driving helps break up the day.

"There's nobody who can call you on the telephone, and you don't have to answer nobody, you just drive," Shugart said.

Shugart, 80, says he passed two physical exams before the school year began. The district says he's attended required safety training.

"If I ever had an idea I was going to hurt somebody or endanger somebody, I'd quit in a minute, I wouldn't do it," Shugart said.

Dooly County Superintendent Grady Miles says the district has confidence in Shugart and hasn't received any verbal or written complaints about the driver.

Some parents told 13WMAZ they're pleased with him and have no complaints.

Shugart says he'd plan to give up the wheel at the end of the year, but says now, after a letter to the editor of a local newspaper seemed to question his ability to drive, he'll stay on the job.

Georgia law does not set an age requirement for school bus drivers. Drivers are required to pass a physical exam, have a commercial driver's license, and attend annual safety training to qualify for the job.

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