Ghost Hunters Lose Access to Perry Cemetery

12:24 PM, Jun 15, 2010   |    comments
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  • Joni Clements
  • Clements says the Peach State Paranormal Investigators have found evidence of paranormal activity at Evergreen Cemetery.

By day, Joni Clements cares for those in the land of the living; she's a nurse by profession.

But when the sun goes down, she says her life takes on a different purpose-- to give a voice to those in another world.

"Its like being a daughter and a mother and a wife, it's just a different part of who I am."

Clements is a ghost hunter and the group manager for the Peach State Paranormal Investigations.

"Cemeteries appear quiet during the day, and they usually are at night too but every once in a while you can catch something really interesting."

And she says they found something very interesting at Evergreen Cemetery in Perry.

"The group founder and I were moving across the cemetery and both felt like there as something there and took a picture."

The image she took that night shows what she describes as a man in a gray jacket. She says, its just one of the examples of the paranormal phenomena her group has experienced at Evergreen Cemetery.

But the society may not be able to keep investigating.

Perry City Council decided the group could no longer use the cemetery.

Lee Gilmour, Perry City Manager,  says the council is worried that the group will attract too many people to the cemetery and cause disruptions. He says the mayor and council members also question whether it is an appropriate use of the cemetery.

"I think the concern of the mayor and council was the sanctity of the cemetery."

But Clements says they're trying to improve the cemetery. She says they've offered to spruce up neglected graves and broken crosses in exchange for use of the graveyard to test new equipment and train new members.

"We're not trying to make Evergreen an exhibition hall, were trying to help preserve the beauty thats here and give the residents some dignity even in their death."

Clements says she can't be sure what exactly is behind the ghostly images that appeared on her camera, but she knows regardless of the City Council's decision, she won't stop looking.

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