My Teacher is Tops

6:57 PM, May 18, 2010   |    comments
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  • Mary Frances Van Houten is this week's My Teacher is Tops winner.
  • Alexandra Hopkins wrote a letter to nominate her teacher.

 Mary Frances Van Houten is a fourth grade teacher at Wheeler County Elementary School in Alamo, and this week's 'My Teacher is Tops' winner.

"I'm surprised. I feel so lucky and very blessed that my students chose me, "said Van Houten.

Alexandra Hopkins wrote in to nominate her teacher.

"She really deserves the My Teacher Is Tops Award. I'm in a writing contest right now because of her good teaching. She encourages us to do our best so that we'll succeed."

And Ms Van Houten's other students agree. Their teacher is very special. 

"She is just so sweet and she's a nice person," said student Samantha Pickle.

Ryan Carvey says it's hard to remember just one special memory from this year.

"There's just been so many!"

The students say they especially enjoy working with Ms. Van Houten on the SmartBoard. 

"She helps us learn very good. She gives us stuff on the smartboard and does all kinds of helpful stuff," says Carvey.

Ms. Van Houten says using technology in the classroom is a valuable teaching tool, but connecting with students is her main goal.

"Relationships with the students, trying to build that, encouraging them and encouraging them to do and be all that they can be," are all things Ms. Van Houten describes as her strengths as a teacher.  

And Alexandra says her teacher has reached her goal.

"My teacher is top because she means a bunch to me and my class."



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