The Lauren Giddings Case: Three Months Later

6:18 PM, Sep 30, 2011   |    comments
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Lauren Giddings

It's been three months this Friday since police recovered part of Lauren Giddings' dismembered body in a trash-can outside of her Barristers Hall apartment.

Police says they have her killer in jail. Stephen McDaniel is still in the Bibb County Jail awaiting trial.

Bibb County District Attorney Greg Winters says he'll only get one shot at this case-- and he intends to get it right.

Winters says he hasn't set a date to send McDaniel before a grand jury.

He says he's still waiting to get some evidence back from the FBI.

By state law he has 90 days from the date McDaniel was charged to get him indicted.

After 90 days he says, McDaniel is entitled to bond.

But here's the catch-- McDaniel now faces three different sets of charges.

Police charged him with burglary in June, murder in the beginning of August, and child exploitation at the end of the month.

That means he'll probably remain in jail until at least mid-November.

That gives Winters more time to wait on evidence.

13WMAZ's Eleanor Lissitzyn also spoke with Giddings' former landlady Boni Bush on Friday.

Bush says things are back to normal at Barristers Hall.

Bush also spoke about those blue blood-stained gloves defense investigators allegedly found in the complex's laundry room.

McDaniel's Attorney Floyd Buford asked police investigators if they were aware of the gloves during McDaniel's Commitment Hearing in August.


Bush says they belonged to her, but didn't have blood on them.

She says they were new and unused, and she left them in the laundry room.

Police Spokeswoman Jami Gaudet says they have not received any new evidence back in recent weeks from the F.B.I crime lab. 

Police sent dozens of items from the Barristers Hall Apartment Complex to the F.B.I.

Winters says he won't ask for the indictment until more of that evidence is in hand.

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