Giddings Search Continues at Twiggs County Landfill

10:06 PM, Sep 13, 2011   |    comments
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A search for remains of Lauren Giddings' body continued Tuesday at the Twiggs County Landfill.


According to Macon Police, 20 FBI agents from Georgia and Virginia are volunteering their time for the week-long effort.

For the second day, a Twiggs County Sheriff's deputy blocked the entrance to the public.


But that didn't keep away Lauren Giddings' cousin Kathy Mann.

She made the trek from Blue Ridge, Georgia to Macon for business, but stopped by to express her gratitude.

"If no remains of Lauren are found, we know where she is not. In the days and years to come, not knowing the answer would always make us wonder if we had done all that we could have. And we thank you," Mann reads from a handwritten card on behalf of Giddings' family.


She says the family asked questions about the Twiggs County Landfill since the first weekend Lauren went missing. She says that's because an investigator mentioned that trash from a dumpster by Mercer Law School is brought there.

"We acknowledged all along that there is no definitive evidence that she's here. But there is enough suspicion that she could be."


Mann says Macon Police told the family FBI came out an re-evaluated the Twiggs County Landfill, but she also says Macon Police told them there was not enough concrete evidence to do a thorough search earlier.

But that wasn't the only roadblock.


"Originally, when we started talking about searching it, they said that it was going to be cost prohibitive. And at that time, we started looking for volunteers to help with heavy equipment that would donate time and equipment," says Mann.

So after talks of cost and evidence, an FBI volunteer crew and Macon Police will continue to sift through waste all week.

Mann and her husband dropped off cases of water, bushels of apples, and several dozen apple cider doughnuts for the workers.


She says Macon Police has not told the family of any updates from the FBI in the investigation.

Lauren Giddings' dismembered body was found on June 30th outside her Macon apartment building.


Her neighbor Stephen McDaniel is charged with her murder.


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