Search Resumes for Lauren Giddings' Remains

5:59 PM, Sep 12, 2011   |    comments
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Macon police and the FBI, Monday, searched the Twiggs County Landfill for remains of Mercer Law grad Lauren Giddings.

That's according to police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet.

A police news release says crews are digging a section of the landfill where trash from Georgia Avenue is dumped. She said they're not using search dogs.

According to Major James Faulk with the Twiggs County Sheriff's Department, Macon Police asked Twiggs County deputies to block the entrance today to the public. 

13WMAZ's Amy Aubert spoke with Kathy Mann, a cousin of Lauren Giddings, who says Macon Police told the family the FBI is starting a search at the site for Giddings remains Monday.

She says early on, an investigator in the case told the family that trash from one of the dumpsters near Mercer Law School comes to the Twiggs County Landfill.

She says the family asked about this landfill since the first weekend Giddings went missing, but says Macon Police needed more reason to do a thorough search at the location.

Mann says the FBI made the decision to search the landfill several weeks ago, but didn't mention if any new evidence points there.

She says the search means a lot to Giddings' family, and she's hoping it'll lead to new evidence in Giddings' death.

Giddings' sister, Kaitlyn Wheeler, also confirmed that Macon Police informed the family that a search at the Twiggs County Landfill would begin Monday.

Police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet says the search does not use taxpayers' money, and they expect to wrap up on Friday.

In a news release, she said at least two contractors and 20 FBI agents from around the Southeast were involved.


Lauren Giddings' dismembered body was found on June 30th outside her Macon apartment building.

Her neighbor, Stephen McDaniel, is charged with her murder.

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