Macon Police Chief Shoots Down 'Rampant Rumors' in Giddings Case

12:27 PM, Aug 3, 2011   |    comments
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Police Chief Mike Burns says rumors about a serial killer and more dismembered bodies in Macon are false.

At a news conference today, the chief discussed text messages and other false reports that circulated around the city after last month's killing of Lauren Giddings.

"We've got rumors running rampant," he said.

"We're not hiding any bodies. We don't have a serial killer running loose...It's all rumors."

He said people are probably more likely to believe rumors about the case because police have shared few details.

Burns read off several rumors related to the Giddings case. One said police are only citing Stephen McDaniel as a person of interest in the case to hide the fact that there's a serial killer on the loose and keep the public from panicking.

That's also not true, he said.

He said, "There's not but four people who know everything about this case and that's the two lead detectives on the case, Major (Charles) Stone, and myself."

Burns does not know who started the rumors, or where text messages containing some of the false statements began circulating. He said investigators do not have time to track them down while they investigate the case.

Burns did not report any new developments on the Giddings investigation and said they're still awaiting forensic test results from the FBI. He said they had received emails from the FBI about evidence they sent to them for analysis, but said he could not say Wednesday what was in those emails.

Asked if police are closer to an arrest in the case, Burns did not answer directly but said investigators expect to meet next week with Bibb County District Attorney Greg Winters. He said police may hold another news conference on Monday or Tuesday, after that meeting.


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