Macon Police Investigate Unsolved Homicide

5:51 PM, Jul 26, 2011   |    comments
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Macon police responded to three homicides within 13 hours starting Sunday afternoon.

The last of those cases marks another unsolved killing in Macon.

According to a police report, 35-year-old Alfred Smith, Jr. was shot and killed as he was leaving Wings Cafe on Bloomfield Drive early Monday morning.

It marks the third unsolved homicide in Macon this year, the second being the case of Mercer law student, Lauren Giddings, which sparked several days of searching including using search dogs.

Macon police say they worked 400 overtime hours in two weeks in the Giddings case, but declined to comment of this latest homicide investigation.

A wings cafe bouncer who was working that morning says before the shooting, it was a quiet night.

"It was nice. Everybody was having a good time. We didn't have any altercations, no fighting, no arguing, nothin' like that. Which we really rarely have here, up in here, anyway. But you know, that night, I don't, I really don't know. Like I said, we didn't have any kind of problems on the inside," says Wings Cafe bouncer, Van Meredith.

13WMAZ's Amy Aubert spoke to Smith's father, who says Smith was a nice boy who never meant any harm.

Neighbors who live just down the street from Wings Cafe say police presence is usually pretty good on that part of Bloomfield Drive, but say they haven't noticed a spike in police activity since Monday's shooting.

Macon police say they are investigating, but would not comment on the case beyond that.

Spokeswoman Jami Gaudet says Macon Police plan to release more information on the case, but she declined to comment further Tuesday.


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