Mayor Robert Reichert Talks About Lauren Giddings Case

6:29 PM, Jul 15, 2011   |    comments
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13WMAZ's Amy Aubert sat down with Macon Mayor Robert Reichert to talk about the investigation into Mercer Law graduate Lauren Giddings' homicide.

"This tragedy that befell Lauren Giddings is also a tragedy that has befallen our local community and our city at large."

Reichert said the Macon police department has been giving the Giddings case the amount of attention it deserves, given the facts of the case.

"Every homicide is different," Reichert said, "but every homicide is investigated appropriately for the level of difficulty that's going to be presented in solving the case-- who did it? How do we bring closure to the family? Everyone is different, but everyone is treated appropriately. I'm confident of that."

Reichert and his family attended Giddings' memorial mass at St. Joseph's Catholic Church on July 9. His daughter Bowen was friends with Giddings -- they were in the same class at Mercer Law School. He said she is learning to cope with the loss.

"My daughter is continuing to study for the bar exam. While she's distracted and upset and this, that or the other, you kinda got to continue. Life goes on."

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