Bibb D.A.: No Motive Identified in Lauren Giddings Case

9:53 AM, Jul 6, 2011   |    comments
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LATEST COVERAGE: Lauren Giddings positively identified as homicide victim

Bibb County's District Attorney Greg Winters told 13WMAZ that no suspect has been identified in the presumed killing of Lauren Giddings, and there's no apparent motive.

He said: "Am I frustrated that there's not an answer today? Absolutely."

He said he was frustrated not with the pace of the investigation, but with the uncertainty for the family. "Her family needs to know the answer."

"Unfortunately, we live in a world where crimes are committed and solved and somebody's convicted within an hour. That's not real life."

Winters sat down for an extended interview with 13WMAZ reporters Randall Savage and Lauren DiSpirito in his office on Tuesday.

He said he counseled investigators to be cautious and patient -- "because if you make a mistake, there's some mistakes you can't correct."

Giddings has not been seen since Saturday, June 25. Unidentified human remains were found outside her apartment building hours after friends reported her missing early Thursday, June 30

Giddings, 27 years old, recently graduated from Mercer Law School. Her apartment is in a building on Georgia Avenue that houses Mercer law students.  

Winters said there are "persons of interest" -- including Giddings' neighbor Stephen McDaniel, who was arrested last week on two burglary charges and is being held without bond.

McDaniel, 25, was charged after investigators questioned him about the Giddings case. He's accused of burglarizing two apartments in their building more than a year ago -- but not Giddings' apartment.

Earlier this year, McDaniel worked in the Bibb County District Attorney's office as an intern, Winters said.

He said Lauren Giddings had also worked in Bibb County, at the Office of the Public Defender.


DNA samples taken from the body and from Giddings' parents were flown Monday to FBI headquarters in Virginia for analysis.

Winters hopes tests will determine an approximate time of death, but said "I am not sure that they will be able to." Winters declined to comment on the condition of the body.

Winters said he expected to learn from the FBI late Tuesday or Wednesday whether DNA testing confirms the body is Lauren Giddings.








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