Disabled Artists Tour Statewide

9:27 AM, Jan 13, 2011   |    comments
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Six disabled artists from Milledgeville earned a spot on a statewide gallery tour.

It's a part of the Georgia Artists with Disabilities traveling exhibit, and for the first time it's making a stop in Central Georgia.

Two local winners say they're happy to do what they love.

"Walter Norman, Norman that's my name," says the 45-year-old artist as he points to his name.

Norman says there's nothing like seeing his name on paintings displayed in a statewide art tour.

"I love paint, I love watercoler and paint," he says.

Norman is one of six Central Georgia disabled artists whose award winning work was chosen.

"Art is nice and good," he says smiling.

So good that two of Norman's paintings are on display out of only 50 works chosen in the entire state.

And he's always creating something new.

Norman isn't the only one happy to show off his work.

"Because I'm famous," jokes Gabriel Elder.

38-year-old Elder says his owl painting is a popular one.

"I like to come see my art because it means a lot to me," he says.

He says talking and painting with his friends means a lot to him.

"We talk about painting," says Elder.

"They've got this artistic spirit, that once you give them the ability, you know, and the tools they need they're able to really just shine," says their art instructor, Sara Fleetwood.

Fleetwood works with four of the Milledgeville winners in her art class.

"They're like sponges, they just love soaking in that new knowledge," she says.

And she says they create just about anything.

"I love to draw birds, and snakes, and dogs and cats, pigs, cows, horses..." lists Norman.

And for every artist, that list goes on.

The gallery lets the artists show and sell their work across the state.

The display will be in Milledgeville through February 3.

The Marlor Arts Center is on North Wayne Street.

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