Macon Police Identify Photographer's Attacker

9:18 PM, Jan 2, 2011   |    comments
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Video: Malik Brown Leaves News Conference

Video: Bofta Yimam's Report: News Photog Assaulted After Brown News Conference

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Video: Bofta Yimam's Live Report: Photographer Assaulted After Sen. Brown's Conference

  • Macon police say the man who attacked Woody Marshall is Malik Brown.
  • Malik Brown, pictured in the red shirt, left apparently with Sen. Brown's group after the news conference.

MACON, Ga. -- Police have identified a man seen on video assaulting a photographer after state Sen. Robert Brown's Macon City Hall news conference on Thursday.

Macon police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet said he is Malik Brown.

She said police are still investigating whether the senator and the suspect are connected. She said both men are cooperating with the investigation, and police expect to interview both men Friday.

She had no information on Malik Brown's motive in attacking Macon Telegraph photographer Woody Marshall and no information on his background.

As Sen. Brown and an aide rushed from the city council chambers, a man who was at the news conference pinned Marshall against a wall and then knocked him down.

In a phone interview soon afterward, Brown said he did not see the attack but that if a member of his group injured the photographer, "I'm certainly regretful of that."

In a later interview Brown said he does know the attacker. Brown would not name him but said he's not a relative or on his staff. 

The man who assaulted Marshall appears in our video to be leaving City Hall with Brown's group.

Marshall said he thought his shoulder was injured. Macon police Capt. James Barbee arrived on the scene to investigate and Marshall said he would file a police report.  He did not say he would press charges.

"I've been pushed a little bit, told not to take pictures, but not at a press conference, at a press conference, you're there to make pictures of the people at the press conference," said Marshall.

"You wonder why, I didn't understand why," said Marshall.

Marshall said Sen. Brown also blocked him as Marshall tried to leave the council chambers to shoot more photos.


Sen. Robert Brown held the news conference to release a written statement, then headed for the door without answering questions.

Brown read the response to State Rep. Allen Peake's request that he apologize for remarks that seemed to compare Georgia Republicans to the Ku Klux Klan.

In his page-and-a-half statement, headed "Robert Brown's Modest Response," the Senate minority leader did not apologize.









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