Students Gear Up for Georgia Junior Youth Assembly

6:59 PM, Oct 30, 2013   |    comments
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Four students at Macon's Miller Fine Arts Middle School are gearing up to propose their own bills to a general assembly of other Georgia students.

Students at the school created bills to present at the Georgia Junior Youth Assembly as lobbyists. It's a three-day event where students play the roles of state representatives, senators, lobbyists, or media to see how the real General Assembly works.

After a friend was killed, Annabel DeSmet, 13, was inspired to write a bill that could reduce child abuse, domestic violence, and bullying.

"I can't say names, but she went to school with me and she was beaten to death and no one knew a single thing," said DeSmet.

Joseph Heaton said someone who is an accessory should face lesser charges than the person who actually committed the crime.

"There was a juvenile who was a getaway car driver for a robbery, and he was sentenced to life in jail because there were murders involved, and I thought this was unfair," said Heaton.

Tobias Kopp said students perform better in smaller classes.

"My bill is in order to increase student learning in classrooms, we're going to decrease class sizes," he said.

Nika Lofton also wants to make a change in schools. She feels that middle and high school teachers should have higher degrees in the subjects they teach.

Academic team coach Judy Griffin said 48 students from across the state were chosen to present bills. This is the first time Bibb County students have attended the youth assembly.

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