Georgia DNR Promotes Hunting Safety

6:59 PM, Oct 30, 2013   |    comments
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It's deer hunting season again in Georgia, but before you head out, the Department of Natural Resources has some tips to make your trip a safe one. 

According to the International Hunter Education Association, about 1,000 people in the US and Canada are accidentally shot by hunters every year, and almost 1 out of 10 die. Jones County recently added one more to that statistic when an Illinois man died in a hunting accident.

DNR ranger David Fisher said one of the main problems he encounters is some hunters who refuse to wear the 500-square-inch regulation orange safety vests. They don't want to be spotted by deer, and a few are willing to risk their safety and go without. 

"Some hunters feel that they need to be concealed. They feel that the deer are going to see them. That's not the case. The whole point of this is that people can see them," Fisher said. "Hunters are in the woods with firearms and people get hurt." 

Jeffrey Jackson said he's heard similar sentiments from fellow hunters.

"Just not caring, not concerned about it. Most of the things that I hear are, 'What is it? Why should I follow a regulation?,'" Jackson said. "Why not just follow the rules? There are rules in everything you do."

The DNR's tips for a safe hunting season:


  • Properly identify targets
  • Examine tree stands
  • Wear safety gear 



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