Mayoral Candidates Make Final Push for Votes

9:59 AM, Oct 13, 2013   |    comments
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Mayor Robert Reichert and former mayor C. Jack Ellis had something in common Saturday. They were at sporting events to get the word out about Tuesday's runoff election.

Reichert was at Mercer's football game. He said it's important to generate enthusiasm.

"To create a sense of optimism and enthusiasm that'll carry over and spread so that undecided voters may talk to somebody that is decided and that'll get them on board," he said.

Ellis was also trying to reach undecided voters at Bloomfield Community Center.

"Shake as many hands as we can, knock on as many doors as we possibly can, be as visible as we can throughout the community, reminding people the importance of this vote," said Ellis.

Each candidate shared how they plan to ensure voters don't change their mind on election day.

"We're continuing to talk about our record of positive success over the last six years," said Reichert.

"We have a message of hope, growth and opportunity that message is resonating with citizens throughout the county," said Ellis.

They also discussed what makes them attractive to voters.

"The integrity that we have brought to the office of mayor has been appreciated county wide. And people have appreciated the specific examples of leadership like Bartlett Crossing like the downtown area," said Reichert.

"I think the thing that voters like is a personal touch. I'm about being with the people, getting in the field, knocking on their doors, going into their homes, going into their community centers," said Ellis.

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