Family Accuses Sen. David Lucas of Choking Teen

9:51 AM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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State Sen. David Lucas

UPDATE: David Lucas denies the allegation. Details at this link.

UPDATE: Sheriff asks GBI for help in investigating the choking allegation.

Earlier Story:

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office is investigating an allegation that state Sen. David Lucas choked a 14-year-old boy. 

No one has been charged. An incident report quotes the boy's mother as saying Lucas choked the boy, Chase King. The teen is the grandson of Terry Tripp, who is running against Lucas's wife, councilwoman Elaine Lucas, for county commission.

Kinya Miller, the boy's mother, is Terry Tripp's daughter. She says she heard about a public event for voters in District 3. She said, "We heard on the radio that it was a community event, and it was supposed to be like a party.  We didn't know that it was supposed to be an Elaine Lucas event."

Miller did not attend the event but dropped her children off there.  But then, she said, "My daughter called me and says 'Mom, this is an Elaine Lucas event, you need to come get us.  They're kicking us out, we need to go.'"

She said Elaine Lucas confronted her children and asked them to leave.  

When Miller returned to get her children, she said David Lucas was attacking her son. She told 13WMAZ: "He states he was trying to break up the altercation.  He didn't break up no altercation.  He came out of a crowd and attacked my son, around his throat, and pushed him with his other hand."

Kinya Miller gave us a cellphone video that she said was shot at the party by her son. It shows Elaine Lucas approaching them and saying to Miller's daughter Teri Rollins: "Good God, aren't you Terry's granddaughter? And you're at my function?"

Lucas's son Lenny also questions why Tripp's family is there.

He's heard on the video telling Rollins: "You don't support my Momma so... why are you here?"

After a brief argument, Rollins tells her family, "come on, let's go."

The video does not show David Lucas talking with Tripp's family or assaulting anyone.

Kinya Miller says her son Chase is autistic. Chase said he is not sure why David Lucas confronted him, but he wasn't going to hit a grown man. 

"It was like a force in my neck when he pushed me," Chase told 13WMAZ. "And I really couldn't do nothing 'cause I really didn't know what was going on."

Teri Rollins said she knew they had to leave after David Lucas confronted her brother.

The family referred us to the event flier on Elaine Lucas's Facebook page, which asks people to join her and Sen. David Lucas for a District 3 event.

Kinya Miller filed a report with the sheriff's department. Bibb County Sheriff David Davis told 13WMAZ, he isn't interested in why Tripp's family attended the event, only the allegation of an assault.

"We're only interested in the facts of the incident of some kind of physical altercation took place, and that's where we're concentrating our efforts on," Davis said.

13WMAZ reporter Austin Lewis went to David Lucas's office on Thursday to get his side, but the state senator declined to comment.

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