Macon City Council Keeps Millage Rate The Same

9:53 PM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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Macon City Council approved four items on their agenda tonight. Council set the tax millage rate to 9.7 for the 2013 calendar year. 

That's the same as last year. 

Councilman Henry Ficklin says he felt it was important for the rate to stay the same with so many changes to the government. 

"It's good that we keep it the same now because the new government may have to increase the millage rate in order to raise the necessary funds to do what the government has to do," said Ficklin. 

Council also approved an amendment to the City's Urban Redevelopment Plan. It will add specific plans to improve areas of East Macon which includes a revitalization of the Old Bibb well as a revitalization project of the Clinton Street area near Coliseum Hospital. 

"In this case, the legacy builders foundation had come together and did quite a bit of planning in the East Macon community, specifically the Walnut Creek Village area and had come to the city and asked to put some of the plans that they developed with community into the Urban Redevelopment plan," said Lauren Benedict, councilwoman. 

City Council also approved a resolution for Mayor Reichert to accept the donation of two Fort Hill Street properties. They also passed a resolution to authorize the mayor to execute an agreement between the city and Green Side Inc, or highway right of way mowing services. 

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