Warner Robins Council Votes to Extend Sewer Line

9:02 AM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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The city council meeting in Warner Robins seemed to be going according to plan Monday night, but the biggest development wasn't on the agenda.

Just when you thought the meeting was over, councilman Mike Brashear asked council to vote to extend the sewer line on Vietnam Veterans Memorial Parkway.

It's where the proposed water park and the Warner Robins visitors center will go.

Council approved the extension four to two. Councilman Daron Lee and Council woman Carolyn Robbins voted against it.
Robbins says she's all for economic development, but didn't think they had enough facts to vote.

"People have heard that there's going to be a water park out there. You know, we've heard a lot of things. The developer has even been on television saying he wants the water park. But my hesitation is the developer needs to come to the committee and tell us what the capacity is and talk it over," says Robbins.

Mayor Chuck Shaheen wasn't for it either.

"Let it go on record that we just spent $250,000 and we don't know what it's for."

But Councilman Mike Daley says they won't spend the money unless the project is approved.

"We're just not going to arbitrarily go out there and spend money until there is an actual project. We're just letting those know we're going to be providing sewer. If there is a viable project, we're going to be there to help them," explains Daley.

The exact location of the visitor's center hasn't been decided yet.

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