Laurens County Schools Stay Open Monday Amid Blocked Roads

7:44 PM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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After being closed Friday due to road issues from the rain, Laurens County decided to reopen schools Monday despite Sunday weather.

Superintendent Rob Johnson says he made the decision after consulting with the county manager and transportation officials to determine that a majority of roads in the county were safe.

Despite that, some roads, including Turkey Creek Circle, Hall Road, and Thomas Springs Road in southwest Laurens County were blocked and bus drivers had to call some parents.

"When they ride down a road, they know more than anyone whether they can get down that road or not," says Johnson.

Parents of blocked students could either drive their child to school, or meet the bus at a passable road.

The superintendent says if a parent can't find a way to get their child to school, they can take an excused absence.

But some parents say they think closing would have been the best option.

"The rain is washing our roads and driveways out, not us," says Malissa Frederiksen of Dexter. "It's not out fault if we can't get our kids to the school."

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