Wesleyan Nursing Instructors Share New Lab

3:49 PM, Aug 11, 2013   |    comments
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Wesleyan College received first place honors by Warren Associates Inc. of Macon for its new nursing simulation lab.

The first students of the nursing program will experience it when classes start August 21st, but 13WMAZ got a sneak peek. 

Students can interact with "George" a dummy that can simulate anything from sudden cardiac arrest to seizures. 

"George, we like to describe is our model that can do anything. Short of reaching out and grabbing the students, George can do anything we want him to," said Sirena Fritz, Program Director for the Nursing Program Wesleyan College.

When classes start, students will have what procedures they perform on the dummies recorded so they can see what they did right and wrong. 


"Oftentimes students say, 'Oh I didn't do that,' or 'No, that's not what happens,' and they get the best learning experience by what we call de-briefing after the scenario. We take them to a classroom, and we will de-brief and go over and watch the entire session," said Fritz. 

They have three other adult dummies and even newborn simulations with two baby dummies. 

Teresa Kochera the simulation director says it prepares them for the real thing. 

"The simulation is about as good as it gets," said Kochera, "We have an opportunity for them to simulate CPR in emergency situations and we can control the outcome."

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