Tax-Free Weekend Kicks Off

5:46 PM, Aug 9, 2013   |    comments
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The tax-free weekend started Friday. That means you can buy items like clothing, shoes, computers tax-free.

Each county has a different sales tax amount, so your savings may vary. In Bibb County, the sales tax is seven percent.

Vivian Taylor and her daughter are ready to find the right computer. They waited until tax-free weekend to get the seven percent savings. For example, if you buy a $900 computer, you can save $63.

"I have two kids that need a computer for school, so here I am," said Taylor.

Certified Financial Planner Sherri Goss said this is a good teaching moment for parents, educating kids to be fiscally smart.
Goss said create a budget and list of things you need.

"Because when you get out in that frenzy and you have coupons, and all these specials, it's overwhelming. And you start getting stuff and going off into the weeds and getting stuff that you weren't even talking about buying," said Goss.

Furthermore, Goss said don't get caught up with items that aren't tax exempt.

"Jewelry, and handbags, and umbrellas, watches, things they're gonna have out on display," said Goss.

When it comes to buying big ticket items like computers, she says it's important to compare prices.

"I would go online and do my due diligence to make sure that I'm really getting the absolute best deal," said Goss.

Taylor and her daughter ended up saving $100. And she isn't the only one who saved money buying a computer. Mary Harris did, too. She saved nearly $40.

Harris plans to drive to other stores for more items.
If you buy $40 worth of clothes, you can save $2.40. "Whatever you can save, it's good to save it," said Harris.

Goss says savings do add up if you use cash or debit cards and are truly looking for the deals. She said to avoid using credit.

If you're interested in seeing a list of tax-exempt items, you can visit

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