Volunteers Clean Up in Lynmore Estates

9:54 PM, Jul 20, 2013   |    comments
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Macon's Habitat for Humanity along with the Macon-Bibb Fire Department held a clean-up Saturday morning in the Lynmore Estates area. Part of the clean-up was fire prevention. 

Firefighters installed 30 smoke detectors in the homes. 

"That little device detects deadly concentrations of gases before it has a chance to get it developed on you.  Understand over 75 people who died in fires they die of smoke inhalation the smoke killed them first and then the fire gets to them. The best tool to have of course is a working smoke detector," said Lt. Demetrius Ellison of Macon-Bibb Fire Department. 

One of those who got a free smoke detector installation was Millie Jackson. She didn't have a new smoke detector and now feels at ease that there is one in her house. 

"Because if anything happens I can hear it I can hear this fire alarm if anything goes wrong," said Millie Jackson. "My biggest concern was my husband who is disabled for me to try to get him out of here in enough time cause there has been too many house fires already." 

Volunteers also picked up the trash and sent it to dumpsters. 

The event was dedicated to Jennifer Caffee and her three daughters Elizabeth Caffee, Wendy Chapman and Holly Tucker. They died in a house fire last June.   Investigators say there were no working smoke detectors. Jennifer's mother, Janice Hill, along with James Tucker, Holly's father and the stepfather to Elizabeth and Wendy were on hand. 

"They see what's going on and they know what's going on and I think it would make Jennifer and the grandbabies real proud," said Janice Hill, Jennifer's mother.  "I really do that everybody is getting together fire alarms for everybody else cleaning up everything. I mean if she was here she would be right in the middle of it."

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