Attacks Give Pit Bulls Bad Name

6:04 PM, Jul 17, 2013   |    comments
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Once again pit bulls are making headlines in Macon.

In May, a Bibb deputy killed two pit bulls that attacked a 69-year-old woman. 

This past weekend in South Macon, police shot another two for killing a small puppy being walked by two men.

But not everyone believes these animals are vicious.

Wade Pritchett of Forsyth has had Atticus for four years. 

He says he was once skeptical of the breed because of its reputation. 

Pit bulls top the list of dogs recognized as more likely to attack and cause injury.  

In Bibb County, there were 124 dog bites reported this year though June. And about one in five were caused by pit bulls and pit bull mixes. 

But Pritchett says Atticus couldn't hurt a fly.

"They'll be bad if you want them to be bad, but if you want them to be a lazy, 70-pound pit bull that sits on the couch and cries every time you walk out the door, this is what you're going to get right here," he says as he points to Atticus.

Five Georgia communities -- College Park, Floyd County, LaGrange, Lawrenceville and Terrell County -- have breed specific laws that deal with pit bulls.

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