Warner Robins Council Gains Power to Grant Raises

12:00 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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Warner Robins Council met Monday night to amend two city ordinances including one dealing with raises for city employees.
13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet explains who now has the power to hand out those raises.

It was the second reading for two amendments. The first decided who can grant pay raises for city employees. Before monday night only the mayor had the power to give an increase, something that council members like Carolyn Robbins didn't agree with it.

"I think it's a lot of power for one person especially for an elected official to have." says Robbins.

She explains the reason council wanted a change. "There was recently an article in the paper about some salary adjustments that we were not aware of that kind of made us move a little bit quicker."

But Mayor Chuck Shaheen disagrees with the change. "When department heads come to me, and they justify why someone should get a pay raise, then I sign off on it. Now I think this amendment is going to slow process down for our city." says Shaheen.  

Robbins says, "I think it's important, number one that council knows when the raises are given, and also how much the raises are." 

Now the ordinance reads that no one can get a pay raise until the council votes on it.

Mayor Shaheen doesn't think citizens in the city agree with the amendment. "Citizens in Warner Robins want one person making a decision to move our city forward all this is going to do is put more politics into serving the citizens of Warner Robins."

Council also changed an ordinance that prohibited relatives of people appointed to a board or committee from working for the city.

"That goes into over a hundred people, well upstanding people in the city of Warner Robins that we ask to participate with us in moving this city forward. It kind of handicaps them and it doesn't show the kind of appreciation that we wanted so we did away with it." explains councilman Paul Shealy.

The ordinance still doesn't allow relatives of elected officials to work for the city.

A few years ago council amended the same ordinance to allow relatives of department heads to work for the city, if their relatives weren't their boss.

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