Warner Robins Raises Age to Run for Elected Office

6:36 PM, Jun 26, 2013   |    comments
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Section five of the Voter's Right Act required preclearance or approval by the Department of Justice of anything affecting voting in certain southern states, including Georgia.

Tuesday the Supreme Court decided that process was unconstitutional.  Before the court's decision the city of Warner Robins submitted documentation for preclearance to increase the age and residency requirements to run for elected office.

Before the amendment if you were over 18 and lived in the city for at least six months you could run for elected office.

"Some of the elected officials believe the ages were too young and that residency requirement was too short, so under the recent agreements you have to be twenty-one to run for a city council seat 23 to run for mayor and had resided in the city for one year," explains City Attorney Jim Elliott.

Because of the Supreme Court's decision, the city no longer has to wait for approval.  The increased age and residency will be in affect for elections this fall.

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