Perry Opens Little Free Library in Honor of Librarian

5:23 PM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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People in Perry found a way for a Westside graduate to live on, even after her death.

Ashley Moore passed away unexpectedly last November at the age of 34. She was the library director in Dougherty County, Georgia.

It's her passion for books that will carry on in her hometown for years to come.

A small project, no bigger than a large birdhouse, drew a big crowd to Perry's Carroll Street Friday.

People came to see the opening of what seems to be a box with books, but it's much more.

A close friend of Ashley's parents, Terre Walker, said, "I wanted to do something for the library, because Ashley was a librarian, and I wanted it to be something permanent."

Walker heard about the "Little Free Library" system from Houston County's librarians. She thought it a fitting honor for Ashley.

Walker said, "I loved the idea. I just fell in love with it."

A lot of other people around the world love it, too.

The idea for the Little Free Library started in Wisconsin, with a couple of guys that wanted to promote literacy and a sense of community. That idea spread all over the world. Ashley's Little Free Library is number 4,962.

Delacy Roders is a neighbor of Ashley's parents, Jack and Ruth. He designed and built the library out of oak.

He said, "Anything to get people reading and interested in books is a good thing, I believe."

Ashley's family said she would agree.

Her sister-in-law, Anne Moore, said, "We are so blessed to have such a perfect example of Ashley, and her love of books."

Anne said it reflects Ashley in every way, connecting her memory to her hometown, in a spot where the community meets.

Walker said, "You can grab a smoothie or cappuccino, and come over here and sit down, read a little bit."

Bring a book, or take a book. It's based on the honor system.

Anne Moore said, "I know this would mean a lot to her."

Ashley's Little Free Library is located in Roughton Park, across form the Coffee Cup on Carroll Street.

The original goal of the men who founded the Little Free Library system was to build 2,510. That's the number of libraries that Andrew Carnegie built. He's the man credited with establishing the country's public libraries.

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