St. Joseph's Students Leave Mark on Gym

7:36 PM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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St Joseph's Catholic School in Macon has to play basketball in other schools' gyms, and use its cathedral for drama performances.

Construction of a new gymnasium is working to solve those problems.

Crews first broke ground back in October, and today, students had the opportunity to write messages on the bare bones of the structure. 

"Even though their signatures won't show," said Principal Dr Kaye Hlavaty, "they'll always know no matter how old they are, that their name is up inside the building." 

Children signed the final beam that will be added to the gym, leaving a legacy for classes to come. 

"When I have children, I can always tell them that I signed it," said second grader Brooke Harwood.

The new gym will also include three additional classrooms.

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