Northside High Students Give Sneak Preview of Exhibit

6:27 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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Students at Northside High School created an exhibit about the 413th Flight Test Group at Robins Air Force Base.

"We are basically the first fliers on the aircraft after its been basically overhauled, torn to pieces, put back together and we're making sure that it's functionally checked out," said Andre Nolte, superintendent of group training.

Students researched, organized and crafted everything in the exhibit. Kyle Baker, 18,  said they even got to use artifacts donated by the test group.

 "Whenever a plane comes into maintenance here through the 413th they actually strip down the plane of all its paint. And then they run all the tests before they send it back to get painted and primed and all of that. So its really neat to look at the three different stages," said Baker.

Members of the 413th flight test group shared with them what it's like to do a check flight.

"They said that they actually have to be able to turn the engines completely off while up in the air and be able to turn them back on," said Hamilton.

"We're doing a lot of things at one time. So that's pretty much having an engine shut down we don't really think about it per se as much as we're thinking about what we need to do next and what may be wrong or not wrong," said Nolte.

With the project a year in the making, the student curators are putting on the final touches.

This project is a part of their humanities P.I.E. Program. It stands for Professional Interest Exploration.

"I gained a lot of job skills and years from now...I can say these are some skills I learned at my P.I.E. experience," said Baker.

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