Macon City Leaders Plan Discussion on Street Closing Law

10:40 PM, May 7, 2013   |    comments
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A law to help notify people in Macon about street closings for things like festivals and movie filming got almost as much attention as the events themselves during Tuesday's city council meeting.

Councilman Rick Hutto drafted an ordinance that would require event organizers to notify people at least seven days before a street would close and pay a $50 fee.

"There's no penalty in it like Savannah and Atlanta have. There's no pulling of permits like Savannah and Atlanta have. It just says you can't close them down unless you tell people ahead of time," says Hutto.

City council passed this in April, but Macon Mayor Reichert vetoed it. That was a move 6 out of 15 council members and some event organizers support.

Council member Larry Schlesinger says, "I think the Cherry Blossom people, the Film Commission, the Bragg Jam people, certainly Mainstreet need to be included in the crafting of any legislation, because this concerns them just as much as the business owners."

Jessica Walden, former board member for the Bragg Jam festival, agrees.

"With the original ordinance, there were a few barriers that would make it hard for more fledgling events, events that depend on an all volunteer staff. Communication is definitely key with this, but it needs to be done properly," she says.

Though many stand on opposite sides of the street closing ordinance, the  council plans to hold a work session to help find a happy medium.

They are inviting all event organizers and community members to share their input as well.

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