Bibb Schools to Add New Safety Systems

10:50 PM, Apr 11, 2013   |    comments
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Bibb County elementary schools will get a boost in safety with a new building entrance system.

Visitors will have to 'buzz-in' outside the school building. Then, a video surveillance system will allow school staff to speak with them before unlocking the door.

School employees will receive new badges that they will use to scan into the building.

If a door is left propped open for too long, the school office would get an alert.

David Gowan, director of school safety and management, says it's a way to keep unwanted people out of the building.

Equipping the elementary schools with this system will cost $587,724 from SPLOST funds. The district estimates it will be installed by June 2014.

It will cost just under $6 million to add the middle and high schools to the system.

Gowan also presented another new safety measure to the school board Thursday night.

Schools will send an electronic version of their emergency plan and building layout to every state and local law enforcement and health agency. Gowan says this will speed up emergency response times.

"So they would already know the layout of the campus based on that electronic plan," say Gowan. "That would save time and effort because in a major emergency such as an active shooter, the first officer on the scene, they immediately respond and go to neutralize the threat."

Gowan says that system will be in place next school year.

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