Reflections of a Segregated Past

12:54 PM, Apr 6, 2013   |    comments
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Less than 50 years ago, segregation was an accepted practice in many peoples. David Davis, an English professor at Mercer, went to high school in Taylor County and attended a segregated prom there. 

Davis and Chester Fontenot, a professor of African-American studies, joined Randall Savage on Eyewitness News at 6 on Friday, to examine and reflect on the issues of segregation still present in some of Central Georgia's communities.

Fontenot brought up how deep-seeded racism is in Georgia and made note of how no one in the area benefits from the segregated proms. He said that people may be holding onto tradition but added that 'tradition' was not a sufficient answer.

David Davis attended high school in Taylor County and looked back at his experiences in high school, mentioning the segregated proms, two different homecoming queens, and even different sets of superlatives.

Both men agreed that these events carry a certain inertia with them and continue to build as they are not addressed.

When asked about the school's involvement in desegregation, Fontenot made the point that even during integration in the South during the 60's, individuals, namely students, led the calls-to-action that strengthened the implementation of integration in the schools, not the schools themselves, which mirror the actions now of students who want to address the segregated proms of Wilcox County.

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