Extended Look | Dr. Vincent Harding, Former Dr. King Speechwriter

4:29 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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When author Dr. Vincent Harding spoke with 13WMAZ's Lorra Lynch Jones, he said what he hopes to accomplish while he's in town is "to encourage Maconites to talk to each other..."

Harding is an academic, an activist for social justice and was a speechwriter for his friend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Now living in Denver, Harding visited Macon on the 45th anniversary of King's assassination in Memphis at the hands of James Earl Ray.

Here, in two parts, we've posted an extended version of Harding's interview with 13WMAZ, including a more significant portion of his hopes for the community in Macon and Central Georgia.

"In our country today -- in all the Macons of our country -- we need to know each other's stories," Harding says. "We need to hear each other's concerns. We need to recognize we have some things in common that are much more important than 'competing with China.' 

"We, as Americans, are still trying to shape who we are. We can't shape who we are unless we hear each other, unless we speak to each other, unless we encourage each other." 

The evening after this interview, Harding spoke at the Grand Opera House and then to a group the following day, specifically about his ideas for the community.


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