Forsyth Councilman Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Charge

6:02 PM, Mar 21, 2013   |    comments
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  • Desi Hansford
  • James Calloway

Forsyth city council member Desi Hansford pleaded not guilty today to a federal corruption charge.

He was arrested last week by the FBI and accused of taking a bribe from a city contractor.

Arraignment was delayed for Hansford's co-defendant James Calloway, because his lawyer had a conflict.

However, $20,000 bond was set for Calloway with travel restrictions. He can only travel within the state of Georgia. 

The two men left court after the brief hearing. Both declined to comment on Thursday's court appearance. 

U.S. Attorney Michael Moore said his office is ready to take the next steps in the case. 

"We feel strongly about the case the grand jury turned an indictment I don't want to comment on the specific facts or the particulars," said Moore. "We're ready to move forward and we believe we can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. "

Moore also said he feels it's important to bring cases like this to court. 


"This is a case that we feel like needs to be presented and goes along with making sure that we're addressing public corruption issues," said Moore. "People ought to have a right and they do have a right in my mind at least to have confidence in the people they elect."








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