Judge to Halt Forest Hill Road Work for 30 Days

1:44 PM, Mar 21, 2013   |    comments
Forest Hill Road between Wimbush Road and Northside Drive
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A Bibb County judge said Thursday he'll order the state to delay roadwork on Forest Hill Road for at least 30 days.

His office confirmed that Judge Edgar Ennis made that ruling during a hearing on a lawsuit by activist Lindsay "Doc" Holliday, who wants to stop the road-widening project.

Holliday said the state Department of Transportation was scheduled to start tree-cutting on Forest Hill Road next Monday.

He said the ruling means "people can enjoy spring on Forest Hill Road for at least one more year."

Ennis has not yet signed an order stopping the work; his office says he asked Holliday's lawyer to write that order and submit it to him. 

We could not reach Holliday's lawyer, Robert Waddell, or state DOT attorney Mary Jo Volkert for comment.

Holliday filed his request for an injunction and temporary restraining order last December.

He and others argue that the road-widening project in north Bibb County is unnecessary and will remove too many trees from the winding country road.

Holliday says the work, which would widen the street, disregards the needs of people who live in the area. He says his group wants a road that is safer, environmentally cleaner, and more appropriate for its location.

Debate over the project goes back nearly 30 years.

The state's response, filed in January, cites several legal defenses, including "sovereign immunity" -- the idea that the state is immune to lawsuits.




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