More Money Coming for Macon Police to Carry Tasers

11:05 AM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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  • Council agreed Tuesday to find more money for more tasers.
  • Officials estimate needing another 140 tasers.
  • Each taser costs more than $1600 with training, camera, ammo included.

Macon City Council unanimously approved a proposal to fund more tasers for "front-line" officers.

At Tuesday night's meeting, councilman Henry Gibson -- a former Macon police officer -- asked council to find the money to buy tasers for the officers most likely to handle calls first.

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In February, council approved the purchase of 60 tasers for police sergeants to carry. Some of those -- about 25 -- were to be funded by the recent SPLOST, but it had been pushed down the priority list.

Officials estimate they will need about 140 more tasers with this newest effort.

Police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet has told 13WMAZ that the cost of each taser comes to about $1,642 with a built-in camera, batteries, ammunition and training.

Here's the breakdown:

Taser $831

Camera $400

Warranty $100

Batteries $ 99 each (add'l needed) 

Belt Clip $ 62

Ammunition/Cartridges $150   (5 cartridges)


$ 1,642 Total

*Cartridges: 3 for training, 1 for use, 1 back-up. Training and re-certification are required annually. 


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