McMahon Challenges 50 Men to Wear Heels for Komen

7:58 PM, Mar 14, 2013   |    comments
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Get rid of those winter blues. Friday, the City of Macon turns pink.

It's the beginning of the 10-day Cherry Blossom Festival.

One event will have some very big shoes to fill.

At this year's festival, the whispy pinks of femininity will meet the bold masculinity of stars and stripes.

PHOTOS | Last Year's 'High Heels for a Cure'

Cherry Blossom crowds caught a glimpse of this last year. The six-foot-six, then-Commander of Robins Air Force Base, raced down Cherry Street, with unshaven legs and pink high heels.

Bob McMahon said, 'For a guy running in high heels, it is a very awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassing thing."

With a ringing endorsement like that, the now CEO of the 21st Century Partnership Bob McMahon thought, "Hey! Why not ask my friends to look foolish too?"

He said, "I challenged 50 men throughout Central Georgia to be part this year's race, knowing many will say no, so I gave them an out."

McMahon said if they won't join him, pay him.

He said, "For a $100 donation to Susan G. Komen, they had the opportunity to opt out, and I won't publicly embarrass them."

McMahon says five agreed to run, and all 50 paid-up, promising a $5,000 check for Komen. He said, "I think about it as an opportunity for men to say how much they appreciate the women in their lives."

He wants to put his footprint on the breast cancer fight. That won't be hard.

He wears a men's 13, and a women's 17.

Where he found the extra-large pink heels, he wouldn't tell. He said, "I am still hearing from those websites on a regular basis."

He wouldn't try them on for us either. Pride stopped him, but he promised it won't Saturday, when his giant pink heels pound the pavement for a cure.

The Komen race is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Saturday on Cherry Street. You can run in your high heels for a $10 donation.

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