Macon Police Respond to False Alarm Hostage Situation

7:21 PM, Mar 2, 2013   |    comments
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Macon police responded to a potential hostage situation at the Tindall Heights community, off of Mercer University Drive, on Plant Street. But it turned out to be a false alarm.

Major Charles Stone of Macon Police says it all started with a tip about an armed robbery suspect, Samuel Edward Lawrence, being inside a Tindall Heights apartment. 

"The caller said we could find him at this location," said Stone. "As the conversation continued with the patrol officer it indicated that the person who made the call was being held hostage at this location."   

Around 30 police officers and SWAT team members spent about two hours in the Tindall Heights neighborhood. But after gaining entry to the apartment, the SWAT team came out with no hostage or suspect. 

"The SWAT team went in that location and we checked it out," said Stone. "And now we're thinking it's a hoax."

The person who lived in the apartment, Auset Reeves said that police told her that they thought she was being held hostage.  But Reeves was actually was with her sister. 

"They said the ambulance was out there and the SWAT team, why would the SWAT team be at my house," said Reeves. "I just, I just didn't know what was going on, they was like I was held hostage in my home but I was not and they was asking me a lot of questions."

Police say while it was a good practice, they will investigate to find out who was responsible for the false tip. 

"We could have been answering other calls and doing other duties," said Stone. "We are going to research and see who this person possible called it in and if we can make a case, we'll make a case for a false report of and incident and somebody will be locked up. "

Stone said the person responsible for the false tip could face a felony. 

After about an hour of SWAT team members being on the scene, 13WMAZ's Judy Le reported that the woman staying in the apartment was asked by police if anyone was inside. She told them no.

This false alarm marks the second one of the week. Earlier in the week on Monday, Macon police responded to what they believed was a hostage situation in west Macon. In that situation, Macon police removed a woman from the home, but no one else was inside.

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