Three Middle Georgia Tornadoes Confirmed

9:23 AM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
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Meteorologists at the National Weather Service surveyed storm damage across Wilcox, Telfair, and Wheeler Counties on Tuesday, and determined that three tornadoes touched down in Middle Georgia during Monday's storms.

The two tornadoes that touched down in Wheeler County were the strongest, and both were rated as EF-1. The tornado in Telfair County was rated EF-0. The enhanced fujita (EF) scale ranks tornadoes from 0 to 5...with 5 being the strongest (winds over 200 mph) and 0 being the weakest.

The Wheeler County tornadoes both touched down around 1:45 pm Monday afternoon. The northern twister was on the ground for about two-thirds of a mile. Its damage path was as wide as 20 yards (60 feet). Numerous trees had their tops sheared off, and some trees were snapped at their trunks. The NWS estimates the maximum wind speed for this tornado was 100 mph. It touched down near Highway 280 in northern Wheeler County, several miles east of Alamo.

The second Wheeler County tornado touched down farther south, about five miles east of Scotland. The NWS also estimated maximum winds with this twister at 100 mph. It was only on the ground for about a quarter-mile, but it's damage path was 75 yards (225 feet) wide. More than 50 trees had their tops sheared off or were downed completely. This tornado also caused some minor shingle damage to one building.

The third tornado produced by Monday's storms touched down in Telfair County, about six miles south of Milan. It was only on the ground for a couple of minutes and lifted around 1:50 pm. This tornado had the longest path of the three that touched down...measuring 1.33 miles. The NWS estimated the winds with this twister at 65 mph. Its damage path had a maximum width of 15 yards (45 feet). Numerous trees were downed along with large tree branches.

There were no injuries reported as a result of Monday's tornadoes. These are the first confirmed tornadoes in Middle Georgia since January of this year.


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