Robins Air Force Base Wins PACE Award For Mass Transit Efforts

7:01 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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Robins Air Force Base mass transit efforts earned them top honors with the Clean Air Campaign. On Wednesday, the base was recognized as a "Government Champion, Federal Employer," in their clean air initiatives. Robins was runner-up last year.

John Pugh, the Deputy Director for the 78th Mission Support Group, said programs like BIRD, Buses into Robins Daily, along with vanpooling and carpooling are what's contributing to their green commute efforts.

"It's really to the benefit of the employees that take mass transit, reduces wear and tear in their vehicles. It helps keep our air clean and every pound driven is a pound of pollution so think of what we're breathing so the more people that are taking mass transit the better it is for the environment, the base and the employer," said Pugh.

According to Pugh, about 50 to 60 people use BIRD every day, 687 riders use vanpool, and 856 riders use carpool. That's about seven percent of the base's workforce.

Dianne Carroll, who is Human Resource Specialist from Bibb County, uses BIRD everyday, and she says she won't go back to driving to work.

"It was a headache driving with the traffic and coming in the gate trying to park, crossing the street, so now I don't have to worry about that," said Carroll.

Legertha Miller of Stockbridge vanpools to work, and she said that she is saving hundreds of dollars a month by not driving to the base.

"I drove for at least four to five months, it's 4 to 5-hundred dollars in gas a month, wear and tear on your car, driving yourself all the time so the vanpool is excellent, and if we get more people to join the program we will have less cars on the road," said Miller.

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