How The Candidates Spent Their Election Day

6:15 PM, Nov 6, 2012   |    comments
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David Jackson, USA TODAY

CHICAGO -- Another Election Day tradition fulfilled -- President Obama's basketball game.

As he has done on most voting days, Obama played pick-up basketball with a group of friends -- including a pro basketball Hall of Famer.

Scottie Pippen, who with Michael Jordan helped lead the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles in the 1990s, joined the game at a Chicago gym.

The basketball game broke up a series of interviews by satellite that Obama is conducting with television stations in swing states. The president also visited a Chicago campaign office.

Obama skipped his Election Day basketball game only once -- the 2008 New Hampshire primary, the one he lost to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Never again, Obama vowed.


Jackie Kucinich, USA TODAY

Gov. Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan aren't without their fans. While Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan rallied President Obama supporters on Monday, Kid Rock and Randy Owen will bring the campaign to a close with performances today in Manchester, N.H., and Wisconsin.

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign was scheduled to conclude Monday with a rally in Manchester, N.H., with thousands of cheering supporters and a performance by musician Kid Rock.

Now it will end in a steel town.

Romney will spend the final hours of the 2012 campaign rallying supporters in Pittsburgh and Cleveland -- Pennsylvania and Ohio being two states where some polls show the Republican nominee and President Obama in a close battle.

Romney adviser Stuart Stevens said there would be millions of volunteers helping Romney to get out the vote on Election Day, and Romney wanted to be able to be with and thank them in person.

But his last-minute change of plans is yet another sign of a tight election.

On his last full day of campaigning, Romney held five events in four states - stopping in airplane hangars in Sanford, Fla., and Lynchburg, Va., before heading to the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va. - where 8,500 supporters cheered inside the hall and 2,000 listened in from outside, according to the campaign.

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